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Hi there!
I'm Susann, author of German and English gay romance. Some of my stories are light and charming, some have a slightly darker edge - but a happy ending is always guaranteed!
Most of my published work is in German (more info about that can be found on my German website), but I've put together a little bit about me and my English novels for you on this page.

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Novels & Short Stories

The Complete Series

What if the wrong guy turns out to be just right for you?

When James falls in love with Casey, he knows he is in for trouble. Not only is Casey his best friend, he is also straight - or so James thinks, until notorious heartbreaker Danny Rizzo completely shakes things up. With troubled Nick adding his very own demons to the mix, nothing is set, and no-one is safe from surprises. Soon James finds himself faced with the question: Who does he really want to be with? For only one of them will stand by him as he struggles to face a chilling secret buried in his past...

Four guys in college, four points of view. Who will get their happy ending?

Contains all four novellas:
Book 1: Triangle
Book 2: Redefinitions
Book 3: Recast
Book 4: Redemption

ISBN: 9781476293110

Home for the Holidays
A Triangle Christmas Short Story

Sequel to"Triangle - The Complete Series".

You are cordially invited to spend an unusual Christmas with James and Rizzo! As James tries to make it through the holidays in the wake of losing a loved one, he and Rizzo decide not to celebrate Christmas at all. But they soon find their place invaded by a host of old and new friends with plans of their own...

ISBN: 9781311495655

About me

I was born in 1975 and live in Germany. I'm owned by a crazy cat named Carlo, the world's most adorable troublemaker.

When I'm not online, I write, and when I don't write, I read. Love to travel. Can't live without books. And chocolate. Mmm, chocolate...

Fun fact:
I have a Master's degree in Philosophy. No, I don't know how that happened either, but I regret nothing. Philosophy is awesome.

Carlo Some of my favourite authors:
Steve Kluger, Jane Austen, Patricia Briggs, Sarah Addison Allen, William Shakespeare

Must-read book recs:
Alexandre Dumas / The Count of Monte Christo
Leonie Swann / Three Bags Full


Don't be shy! And if you can't help being shy, it may help to know that I am a bit shy myself. We can be shy together!

You can reach me via this email address:

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